cherry blossoms are not the enemy
whats dangerous is crappy pens on the wrong side of the page
they make too much noise
like those damned boots
fuck your boots
my bare feet have much more soul
than your damned fucking boots


please know that i’m so

“I don’t know what it is about you that opens and closes. Only something in me understand, you are the fairest of all roses. Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.”
e.e cummings

I understand now
unlike most
i’m not the victim of attachment
that beauty behind transition is
desire for more.
brave or idiotic.
my hands will not be cages
simply curious guests
but they are messy,
they have not yet learned grace
they have not yet learned
how to leave not trace.

it is an  ultimatum
i’ll do something good for myself
we’ll change and get better
or we’ll hurt
then change
and get better.
its time to put a muzzle
on the tyrant that will silence the symptom.

no one carries my hips under their arm
you do not define the structure of my lungs
i made an error
to muffle away my pride
hoping silence would leave room for you kindness
it’s empty

i hear echoes in my own please
you body pressed against my own
repulsed at my repulsion
i should be able to love
you lips
are sour
and my tongue is tired of the rough patch

nature to you
is the criminal tried dishonoring you status of self confinement
to me
the fire licking the mountain
is as sharp and malignant
as it is necessary.
not a lot of people will hear the grass scream

I feel accountable for every last blade of pain

as much as it hurts
i would let it burn.
this is where we are different
I seek to tame the instinct of fight
and flight
to redefine self preservation
with the empathy of acceptance
if that means I have to clench my teeth every time you cut me
i will do so
until my Bite
can no longer pierce skin


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