“two lies with one truth”
for the sake of omission
let me just tell you
i am always always honest with you.

i know

she’s a smooth with transition as i am with sitting still
if i shook you,
you could mistake the air
for an earthquake
call me magic
back and fourth
between circles of our youth
you know me
in the morning
take my  blanket colored eyes and cover yourself
so the moon remembers how to shine.

i find myself
more in more
resenting morning.
what i want isn’t what i have
it is the ideas i fall in love with
the lust, forthcoming
murders that passion of the soul.

“For reason ruling alone, is a force confining. And passion, left unattended, is a flame the burns to its own destruction.” 

for now
know the nurture of safety
is painting at my grounded
i will write every day
until i don’t
she’ll be here
until she’s not
know that the lightning of pleasure
is always a few strokes away

in retrospect
is far more intimidating
I’ve forgotten how many miles my feet can cover
I’ve forgotten – it is my nature
to keep looking forwards
leave that step behind.



having a grand ol fukin time being smitten
i’ve been dating a writer
she’s more of an actor
really more of an actor
she’s cum
lustfull and cancerous
i’ve answered open
wet from the rain
ready for heat.
ready to re-learn how to breath
drinking sleepless nights
broken brakes and a set of keys.


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