i know incarnations of you
the types that covet sovereignty
but youre an earthquake
whirlwind of raw
never apologize for
blowing away


i’ve payed a harsh price
to not be called naive
pulled my eyelids back and lost a socket
channeling magic learning to fly
i carry Icarus on my back
or the curse of Achilles

or maybe i’m Nessy
messy in my undoings – letting shadows make monsters out of my heartbeats.

im am witness to my own destruction
watch me transform.

I keep trying to remind my dog that, unlike her, my skin is not thickly fur-coated and cold does in fact sting. She doesn’t seem to understand and frankly, I wouldn’t either what with my constant “anti-shaving” propaganda you’d think I grow alpacas in my pits.

bitters and cold tea
you’ve gotten under my skin
my hide
and flay my raw.
no white flags today
we lay down the law

1. blood moons are hermit magic.
2. three moon cycle of jubilation
3. rotation is noted
4. as a punishment for your actions. you will know no comfort. if you sleep you eat.



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