this is the longest night of the year
the storm has come
roaring frivolities and accountability.
dust, humidity, broken frames
are amongst our exhales.
We empty, knowing the next breath is just around the corner.
Let the grief take over your heart your bones your bones your bones
are freezing with a sweetness cavity.
the present sends me shadows
of marker archetypes
the faces i still know, but have lost somewhere in translation.
this is okay.
feral is okay.
warmth is okay.
it’s okay, for optimism to hold the rains now
both shoes have dropped
and you saw the red-eye-bulls headed for your tumbling
early enough to spare your feet
the worst is over – growing pains are only the consequence of
capacity of feeling.
there is magic in the air, we can taste it.
sleep easy knowing someone finds answers in pages too.

i’m trying to learn the courage behind vulnerability. again.


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