gaining momentum
one step backwards two step forwards
no need to re-invent the wheel here
this is just standard protocol
we build – we harness – we destroy
we repeat.
no longer lonely in our solitude,
we’ve made friends with our demons
looked them in the eye
and breathed compassion into their snarls
for now> i’m cold-ish
i know tricks that could boil your blood
a little chill never hurt the kick-back
and a shiver is much more appreciated when you
learn how to feed yourself first.
concrete jungle law dictates reality
manners out the window you lost in your wishes through
waiting for others to eat
can get you killed.

i can’t be saved. i’m not so frail.
there’s bite in my bark
and claw in my hand
but this wild-ish nature has learned sweetness
and theres purr behind the animal.
you don’t need to keep up
i’ve slowed down
and i’m not picking up speed anytime soon
learning canes can be batons
making gold out of timber.
King sitting on his Pentacles
i must hang my man
to better see my seven cups
will grant me death.

you get away with murder,
when you can have it all
do you speed up
or slow down?

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