minor set back
a gentle nudge across the face
ice cold bath from the neck
to remind you of your place.
Over eager child,
your dogs are walking your leash
and you’ve stepped into empty space.
Temperance XIV
and regain ground
this fantasy isn’t real
and there is no such thing
as one basket
for stubborn eggs refusing to hatch.
you wrote your story,
now lay in it
let your lover(s) run their hands along your spine
bookmark chapters of their triumphs
may you be subject
to limitation of devotion
where no one will know
how much blood your heart,
can circulate through
no one
not even you.


there’s tremble in my gentle
slowly uncovering the rubble
i’ve been starved for months
holding trouble next to mirror
but i’m changing
a glimmer catching the moths
circling my devotion they know there’s a light here
you echo what im too scared to think
and love,
a teal weave across my halo.
Even ogres know craft.


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