lenin sheets
no i have not washed them, i won’t lie to you
like i won’t lie when i say
you stumble in my kitchen when i retreat inside to pour this all out.
i won’t lie, when i say i know
some day you will read these words
twice over
looking for the truth behind the cryptic
you won’t find the answer
there’s years of history in here
the more you know
the more you know.
i will give you this:
the weight of your gasp in my holly
drives pressure within my spine
bending your way
some kind of bow you’ve strung
now im aimed in your direction
releasing the set-backs that never held me worthy.
i was foolish.
i know this.
but you…. you ache for my hands early holding you together
when youre falling apart in the throws of my mouth
i can taste ecstasy in your gasp
moaning me
over and over again.
did i manifest your presence? did you hear me calling?
I’ve been waiting for some kind of sweep me off my feet
dearest, you may just have me flying.

bringing the pull down slowly
water under the bridge
but my conscience
my conscience my conscience my conscience is
wet cloth and cinder blocks
sinking into guilt.
we’ve reached a comfort level
tell me, is this what friendship feels like?
see, i’ve only ever
been kin to wild
the unruly
the deviant of our kind.
tell me, please, i’ve found a sanctuary
in your brotherhood.


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