pebble valley
i’ve been here before
before you i mean,
i’m learning to allow
to sink and breath
if you only knew, the state i was in
before you caught me
belly up and tender
if i told you
no one has ever seen my full
would you run
or would you hold me –
embrace the honey
and never forget where the sting comes from

how dare you
i bet, you’ve never heard me scream
a little too close to home
have you any idea what we can do
don’t rest easy child
this world is out for you
alternate-facts don’t deceive the blind
and we’re roaring
i may be a big fish in a small pond
but you don’t know
the ripple i can have
when you’ve threatened my home

there’s calmness in the air
the kind that lets you know
it’s okay to jump off the highest mountain
and swim the deepest oceans
a kind of life-vest
urging you to go further
a kind of challenge you can accept
at the risk of
taking on another,
and another.
comfortability reminding you
that you can always be

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