don’t look at me
doe-eyed and tender
like the shine behind the glimmer isn’t anything
but naivety.
i told you – i won’t lie to you
i will tell you, all that is well and good
drawing wishes in the sand
we could be pebbles
it would be like that
i hold you humbly
whisper untainted truths in your ear
we consume each other
we are cursed with each other’s company
complacency and routine
that’s all we’d know
until it isn’t
one day ripping the sheep’s shirt from my
that shit’s heavy
soaked wool and dodging bullets
you deserve better than these
cold-calls and coffee dates cut short.
an avalanche of conscience
you’ve come in tumbling.

catching up to co-unt
monte-cristo gives me a penny
for every thought
id well-wished have
so we stretch
thinly breaking into lanterns
i’m blanket pour out of stability
too much
too many
too heavy
i’m not ready for
the in-pour out put of expectation.
there’s not enough time in the world
to hold my wishes
in sync.

slurring slingshots my way
i know red flags when i see them
better than anyone


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