i miss you like teeth misses the limbless
im parchment paper at your paper plane
drawing circles around myself
hoping to take flight somewhere between
heartbreak and growth.
if you expected nothing
who holds the door for mercy?
i guess expectation locked that window
on our fingers
it’s never been any different
perhaps all roads led to Rome
– perhaps
im some Vesuvius
and you some type of Pompeii
clinging to the statues of your last breath.

Lover – everything is temporary

forgive me
but if being an advocate of truth
makes me an agent of sadness
i’ll lick my own wounds with salt water and belly spasms
before i renounce any heartbeat.
i will cry for you,
i will mourn,
i will pity my case
and fall on my knees as i am.

i will also long,
wish desperately and hold you in another bed…
for a while at least.
but lover,
because we know the power of our hearts,
better than anyone else,
i will never stop loving.

i will learn better kindness,
i will learn some type of clarity,
and when i finally learn to recognize
the ground ive crashed into –
i will learn to get up
and welcome the next stumble with open arms.


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