You were only supposed to be 

A notable alternative 

To the best option at hand

But I can’t lie.

These  arms have held me

More together 

Than any fortune 

Has ever tried.

Between sorrow and fame, 

What if we go all the way? 

You know nothing –

You know more, you see more 

Than I could wish for.

Perhaps this is the way it all unravels

Perhaps you will never know

The mess I’ve made of our story

Perhaps you will only know the joy 

The laughter, the tenderness 

The adoration which you’ve harbored, 

You will never know, 

My eyes were once kelidoscope, 

You will look at me, and only see 

Your reflection mirrored back.

You’re not wrong. 

You’ve been the only one, 

To take the leap,



You’ve taken me in full.

Perhaps this IS our fortune

Our story will only be happy 

Perhaps then 

There will be no ending. 

The End.


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