lets not forget the reason we’re here eh?
a hint of salt and harshness
i’m swimming in affection
FOX once called me a fire
that burned everything it touched
lover, you are glacier at the edge of my map
give me a chance to explore the uncharted
soft snow blankets – there’s too much to see here
between fluff-huff colored bed
there’s a prism of infinite inside this
i’m a fickle hound you see,
or have been – sniffing up the wrong dresses for as long as i can remember
refusing to lick the bone for fear
of finishing the marrow
now paws in air
i’ve found loyalty –
these mad dogs mad dogs laddie
i’m all mad laz
dazed in serenity and capacity.
there’s always room for redemption
some men spend years ridding the earth to extinction
would you look at them now
creating stars from the finger paints of your last battle.
sweet little Scorpion,
you’ve brought nothing but death
to my furies
stinging them slowly with sweetness and love,
i’m breaking every cell open
releasing the old ribs from past lovers
and reminding that reluctant Eve that
pomegranates are still preferable
to some side-show “apple of my eye.”
thank you.

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