even fruits say our name with a punch in the gut
i’m calling in the winter
before spring even touches our hands.
i’ll be leaving tomorrow,
untainted –
breath me out oak
and breath in melancholic memory of you untainted lover,
remember me fondly
think go me kindly
think of long nights chocolate-covered bodies
valentines picnincs
birthday wishes and we came true
for each other.
think of your lover as the only
one holding your naivety,
when you think of me,
let the only questions in your eyes be
why it can’t be any longer.
don’t go looking for answers,
you’ll find nothing but skeletons here
still bitting at my ankles
coffins ive tried to lay down to rest
still lay their lovers to sleep.
call me ungrateful,
all the while,
you offer your bed, to no one but me.

i’m sorry, i’m so so sorry
had i known you were right around the corner
i would have waited.


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