i’m good at war
i’ve fought tooth nail and cedar at the  ready
shouting at the most stubborn mountain
yes, i’ve even moved stone
turned it to gold
watched it melt between my fingers
they call me Minos
now you’re golden plum ripe and
delicious drip dripping though my lipsbetween pants moans
and whispered sweet goodnes
i love the way you love
calling my own bluff
sitting on my hands
what can become of my world
when we have to ask permission for our own pleasure?
what will become of the beast
when starved and chained
no gentle lead here
is exile
no exhale for anyone
shock ready and primed for now
capricious desires
obediently following your pleasures
allow me dear perhaps
a better, a newer
some blinders to allow
these feral teeth
to bite another’s dinner.


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