in traveling, a companion
in life, compassion
consider how compassion might feels about it
abandoned in any travels.

yesterday my feet still burn
stings in my legs
pain by some thighs
you’re expanding.
you’ve gotten,
bigger in life
perhaps too much – too light on your feet
no more.


pretty spider populated
would call it
cramps or twitches
sighs of something too heavy to lift
waters where I can see my feet
and freeze my lungs
all in the same breath
this is beautiful
and necessary
maybe elemental

there was a glimpse of poetry
you have not tasted before
lovers calling your mouth
flicking them off with your teeth


this has nothing to do with the threat of strangers in the forest
i’m making sure you understand the moral of the story

forgive my salt
but i will skin hides
and dig my way out with my teeth
if i must.

there be fire alarms blazing
flies and fumes drowning the young
you’re useless
asleep in the willows
dreaming with sirens
they scream at the youth
to wake up
get up
over you’re
a friendly inhibition of memory
something that may not be so cruel, so crass
but twice is enough
to shake any cow from it’s leather.
we’re hoping for branches
aching for mistakes
sweating liquor and snoring inebriation
i sleep with monsters.

sweet things aren’t just sweet things
another one is, yes, one more
little morning affections keep me
awake at night
and my legs hurt
someone, after this much walking
will want to whisper something sweet too.

sugar gliders and six of swords
everything you need is already there for you
you are ready
enjoy the journey.
it doesn’t matter where you land
keep your goals clear
and you determination clearer
taste satisfaction
sex is not love
but merely a territory love
takes over
love is a privilege
and all privileges are undeserved and must be payed over
and so we hold peace
for this lightness
but love has a double aspect;
it is non-being
but it is also being, the terrifyingly material being of time.