hollow victories and wounds re-opened
the need to polish trophies
just to rub it in the rags’ face.
where has temperance gone?
eating krill and lackluster for shine’s sake
allowing time to disregard many times
your wrists.
can you move in tandem with your greed?
if you had the chance, would you
tell the world to eat your shame?
or would you weigh your shoulders with pretend

there’s a limp in your step
there’s a creek in my neck don’t worry
we’re all slightly crooked
watching tides rise and fall
our intentions curling into
wave me hello
you’re name sighs out of my mouth
clenching my jaw
grinding my teeth
there’s a gap tooth
for your breath me out.
darling dear,
you’re crossing borders
but i’ve built a wall higher than your spine
across my bed
split desire
obedience to lust
or instinct
or perhaps nature.
perhaps we’ll stop watching each other someday
from across the room
patient and petulant
until then, your name does not matter
you are


i will MAKE you nothing
no one of importance
fools gold to a greedy hand
no muse to any man
just another category.