the gift of humanity
is the claim by the self
and our lives
become poems we were born to tell

we shed time the way your body sheds weight
of days behind our now
but can you grasp it?
now, i mean
before then and soon all become
muddled into systems of feelings drawn out
by the same creature
who trained whistles and rails on time.

until then, or now at least
we’ll be wrapped in sun kissed skins
and i’ll give you mine
just in case.

there was a glimpse of poetry
you have not tasted before
lovers calling your mouth
flicking them off with your teeth


this has nothing to do with the threat of strangers in the forest
i’m making sure you understand the moral of the story

forgive my salt
but i will skin hides
and dig my way out with my teeth
if i must.

i feel you
like tiny backpacks
flowers once hit in the suicide lane
maybe we’re passers by
watching them work around us
purposeful with dissatisfaction
unable to wish it any better
but doing it anyways.
if you think you knew me before
you should see me now
all upper crust
like flowers on any apron
reminding anthologies the grass is greener somewhere
i feel your absence like picks on my feet
moons half beet but still trying
hoping for the next time they can be full.

how are the trees there?
is the oxygen
a better breath?
or are you drowning
heavy in the foliage.


you’ll sacrifice an entire eyelash
a whole world and your wish
only for my happiness.
nothing could touch me more
the spider’s web can catch the moonlight
but cannot keep it.
if you insist on being as simple as a fox
i will insist on being as complicated as one too.

perhaps i called your name so loudly
trying to shout my panicked pulse.

it would be an injustice
of spring to blame the pollen for the rain
just like some of the largest
most beautiful flowers smell like rotting corpses.

crowds father ofter decades just to see Death in bloom.

Belladona is commonly inwon amongst herbalists and toxicologists alike as on of the most poisonous plants on this Earth.
but i have loved you from the moment you held my hand and called me friend.
boxes, bags and and an entire half a year’s reading list later
i know your place amongst the living doesn’t belong with the shadows we’ve sown onto our buttons.
there comes a time to look both ways and cross the street
and you’re crossing out your Petter Pan life
for the land of milk-honey thyme.

i will be there
in every forest walk
in every tea sip

i will be there when fox fire lights the wondering eyes
and i will be there when wolves threaten to claw out our skin
because they do
and they will.
just like we re-build our sensibilities after
each beasteal impulse

this is for you.

sugar gliders and six of swords
everything you need is already there for you
you are ready
enjoy the journey.
it doesn’t matter where you land
keep your goals clear
and you determination clearer
taste satisfaction
sex is not love
but merely a territory love
takes over
love is a privilege
and all privileges are undeserved and must be payed over
and so we hold peace
for this lightness
but love has a double aspect;
it is non-being
but it is also being, the terrifyingly material being of time.

finished the game
before i played the hand
bad instincts and obedience to lust
all tarnished in knots we tie within our species
coming all fool
come in our forest
all push me back in
to myself
hands behind my back i’m pinned
and needles don’t sting nearly as bad as they used
trying on your warnings just for skin
shaving off fur from my mussel
too sudden to react
we’re going with he motion of the
train we pushed off track
free-lancing our affections
we’ve got no shields left.

she molds love like an effect of mercury
i’m silk smoke
trying to understand what hats are poison
and which are mad mad lost our minds
there’s no pause to this soundtrack
no repeat skip breath
just responsive urges
“butterflies dipped in honey”
what sticky messy sweetness
but she holds my wrists above my head
and there’s no other disposition
to my sanity
than her breath on neck.
perhaps this is our catalyst
perhaps it takes an avalanche
of pin me down
tie me down
to tame the beast.
can you hear our sides purr?
never have my polarities
been so agreeable.
now look what you’ve done,
i’m on my knees for you.