it feels bitter when it should feel sweet
it feels ragged when it should feel smooth,
it feels deep purple when it should feel pink
these smells should only
bring back memories of stay and release
not damp apartments in cities
where our mothers cried
where we cried ourselves awake
many days tugging your tail too far
off your fruitful grounds
so who was wolf
and who was fox?
now you see me scurry back in who’s little borough
i still think of you.


i miss you like teeth misses the limbless
im parchment paper at your paper plane
drawing circles around myself
hoping to take flight somewhere between
heartbreak and growth.
if you expected nothing
who holds the door for mercy?
i guess expectation locked that window
on our fingers
it’s never been any different
perhaps all roads led to Rome
– perhaps
im some Vesuvius
and you some type of Pompeii
clinging to the statues of your last breath.

Lover – everything is temporary

forgive me
but if being an advocate of truth
makes me an agent of sadness
i’ll lick my own wounds with salt water and belly spasms
before i renounce any heartbeat.
i will cry for you,
i will mourn,
i will pity my case
and fall on my knees as i am.

i will also long,
wish desperately and hold you in another bed…
for a while at least.
but lover,
because we know the power of our hearts,
better than anyone else,
i will never stop loving.

i will learn better kindness,
i will learn some type of clarity,
and when i finally learn to recognize
the ground ive crashed into –
i will learn to get up
and welcome the next stumble with open arms.

i told you
i have a soft spot for beings who do not know their own worth, come on in
side my heart
is made of kerosene and fiberglass
im kneeling on cut-throat
trying to understand where the lines are drawn.
turning pages hoping to find an answer
you made this legend but when you called me fire
i never saw you kindling
it never meant you, never meant goodbye.
never meant for stories to be cut short or missed to soon
so dont fucking tell me
i dont know how to hold.

your sent’s unfamiliar
old poplars and new twine
the one i tie you with
kissing my feet
you don’t know what my soul
has stepped on.
is this truth, or a mask?
it’s instinctive, that we know.
with you – the role bows at our play
we’re mastermind and charm
power couple – let’s build bridges,
and watch them burn down.

to make the purest man alive
dear fox… you’ve won a hound
by proxy
it’s safer this way I tell you
Fortuna’s got a bounty in neck
but you, you my dearest have got singularity and devotion
if only the cards were reversed
if they played in her fortune
if the other woman
was no longer
dearest fox
you’d be building a new den.
dearest Fox,
I can’t lie.
if the cards were reversed –
if only i had a choice –
without hesitation,
you wouldn’t stand a chance.

i’m stretching beyond boundary
thinly sliced into action
i’m abundant
too there to be here. too here to be there.

Better batter.
fox calls, early morning rise
youre den’s been crashed in
turned with lemonade and bitter sugars
how long will you chase your own tail?
its not up to us to decide our capacity
beauty in the eye of the beholder, right dear?
nothing about this is beautiful
its rough and messy
far from abstract its
cringe your nose in disgust.

lets play fox and hound.

showers clean time off my skin
wants to jump out of its undoing
there’s no place like no place like no place
and you’re there
clearly a mold into the mattress
two stucco to fit elsewhere
you’ve been caged
to a twin bed and an arm that falls asleep sooner now

let me tie your wrists
free your body
lets do moon walks and fox dances
lets prance around the map like stubborn pins

we’re more trailer park Storie than Gulliver
there’s Macgyver in our bones
use them

im bitter with the cold
snapping whelp-pup

Car wash day
I’ve been keeping tabs on the filters for extra particles
dreaming of lovers lovers lovers
the kind I was to (k)hiss.
it’s been a long time since
i’m cooing hoots in space hoping for moisture to carry enough weight
to reach your brow
for your hand to grace the wet away – curiously
this is effortless.