you radiant avalanche of senses
you overflow of pleasure
tigers eyes breathes by my neck
and i shiver at your hurricane.
the ecstasy of feral finding feral
we’re both mad here
tasting gold dripping into my tongue tip-
ping the scale
we’re magnetic.
you’ve given me the gift of anonymity
i give you in return exposure
fully my crimes now dimmed in the
curve of your spine
you have me – all to yourself
for as long as you want me
damn the follies looking down on
our rest easy, we’ve found harmony
guiltless and free
i’m diving deeper into your collarbone.
i’m not afraid anymore.


even fruits say our name with a punch in the gut
i’m calling in the winter
before spring even touches our hands.
i’ll be leaving tomorrow,
untainted –
breath me out oak
and breath in melancholic memory of you untainted lover,
remember me fondly
think go me kindly
think of long nights chocolate-covered bodies
valentines picnincs
birthday wishes and we came true
for each other.
think of your lover as the only
one holding your naivety,
when you think of me,
let the only questions in your eyes be
why it can’t be any longer.
don’t go looking for answers,
you’ll find nothing but skeletons here
still bitting at my ankles
coffins ive tried to lay down to rest
still lay their lovers to sleep.
call me ungrateful,
all the while,
you offer your bed, to no one but me.

i’m sorry, i’m so so sorry
had i known you were right around the corner
i would have waited.

don’t look at me
doe-eyed and tender
like the shine behind the glimmer isn’t anything
but naivety.
i told you – i won’t lie to you
i will tell you, all that is well and good
drawing wishes in the sand
we could be pebbles
it would be like that
i hold you humbly
whisper untainted truths in your ear
we consume each other
we are cursed with each other’s company
complacency and routine
that’s all we’d know
until it isn’t
one day ripping the sheep’s shirt from my
that shit’s heavy
soaked wool and dodging bullets
you deserve better than these
cold-calls and coffee dates cut short.
an avalanche of conscience
you’ve come in tumbling.

catching up to co-unt
monte-cristo gives me a penny
for every thought
id well-wished have
so we stretch
thinly breaking into lanterns
i’m blanket pour out of stability
too much
too many
too heavy
i’m not ready for
the in-pour out put of expectation.
there’s not enough time in the world
to hold my wishes
in sync.

slurring slingshots my way
i know red flags when i see them
better than anyone

lenin sheets
no i have not washed them, i won’t lie to you
like i won’t lie when i say
you stumble in my kitchen when i retreat inside to pour this all out.
i won’t lie, when i say i know
some day you will read these words
twice over
looking for the truth behind the cryptic
you won’t find the answer
there’s years of history in here
the more you know
the more you know.
i will give you this:
the weight of your gasp in my holly
drives pressure within my spine
bending your way
some kind of bow you’ve strung
now im aimed in your direction
releasing the set-backs that never held me worthy.
i was foolish.
i know this.
but you…. you ache for my hands early holding you together
when youre falling apart in the throws of my mouth
i can taste ecstasy in your gasp
moaning me
over and over again.
did i manifest your presence? did you hear me calling?
I’ve been waiting for some kind of sweep me off my feet
dearest, you may just have me flying.

bringing the pull down slowly
water under the bridge
but my conscience
my conscience my conscience my conscience is
wet cloth and cinder blocks
sinking into guilt.
we’ve reached a comfort level
tell me, is this what friendship feels like?
see, i’ve only ever
been kin to wild
the unruly
the deviant of our kind.
tell me, please, i’ve found a sanctuary
in your brotherhood.

i couldn’t smell you behind ourr smoke
we taste like, crowd dancers and blue moons.
it’s not often i feel the rug slip from my feet.
talk about flames under our seats
youve sparked more than an interest

fracture within your cheekbones
close enough to something i
we have known before
there are traces of memories where your jawline meets
i could trace my finger across
every last rib
of spine
the kind of shock that makes you read the same line twice
the kind of shock that makes you read the same line twice
we could make this entire building
collapse with our moans.

soft spoken dandy-lad
you’ve come in crashing side glances
looking like the world was made for courting
what do you feel, i wonder
when i play great dodge
all your questions
clearly answered
by a powerful miss.
you make sense.
better fit a character in the story i’ve already written
but the lines are all wrong
handsome and fitting you
are kite-runner ready
to plunge into my arms.
perhaps you’ll stand a chance
if i can turn off
the pulse beating for the fortune
that’s rejected my affection.