i know now why they called you an angel
adoration and longing
your eyes never lie to me
there’s only purity in your instinct
i wonder what you think of me
mother to none but perhaps you
re guarding my every breath
knowing the smell of cigaret’s as the
homeland i once cradled in.
i slept in wool and twine too
tangled like the collar-red around your neck
its a challenge, effort and ease never came
balanced in our natures.
without you, i would know no limit
it sounds wrong
but we are earth bound for a reason.
my love, i know the days have been anguish and uncertainty
now i promise to do right,
by the peace in our pace
let your love grow,
into peace and security –
know i will never let bad lady come again
and if she does;
bear no fangs, hold your growls,
it’s my turn to be the feral.
you rest,
easy in your comfort bed
or mine.
we’re not so different you see
and i thank you daily for the loyalty
love, and friendship that is your presence in my life.