rare as long as it is
for names to find their place back in this story
a faint heartbeat of crime
finding you
soaking and whimper
for warmth
how can i resists such honest intentions?
how can the predator in me
resists the weakness in the prey
how come there’s a predator in me
and how dare i call you prey.
if i could you mirror
i would see friend – your name would never leave this pages
your grace and witt would be great company to my own

nothing is settled from forgiveness.


there are worse things, you know?
realizations and tight chest
you play by the rules
a bit too well –
don’t touch me there, don’t touch me like that
don’t touch me.
shock value when you
are escorted from your conformable.

i was supposed to be collected by now
a level of simplified –
but a few stray teeth went wrong
knocked off routine i’m swerving
collecting pockets of old lovers
and building new inches for the upcoming seasons

quality intimacy.
i’ve spent too much time clinging to mercy
i’ve got time to kill in a taboo world.

fucking not cut out for predictability.

nights divided
jay-n-birds twit twit cozy nuzzle
no mussel around my mouth
hears danger from anxious canids
they’re all mad.
but even as you caress my smooth and
cuddle my swoons
we know, there’s a $500.00 winner
all good intentions come with a price
you smell like copper coins and greed
maybe this reciprocity is best
when we only want what we can’t have
and I want you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

thought i knew what i was doing,
but  im all wrong inside
so no, i don’t know what I’m doing to you.
i’ve given you fair warnings
my sweet

we’re both swimming laps around my koan
i’m not re-inventing the wheel,
rolling with the punches of honesty
pastoralist guiding oxygen into brittle lungs
they’ve been coveting Zyklon B
collapsed human
if you are to truly kill your idols
you must first renounce making me
so tall.
there are shades of monsters in me
and no, they are not all gray

forgive me


(4 A.M-7A.M)
a thump thump in the back of my skull
stiff neck, aching muscles and
broken skin.
two lovers – four beds
you’d think it was a full moon.

there’s no teeth here
no hackles raised.
i don’t want to know you,
feel your bed mold around my body like safe keep
your lips tracing fingers of perhaps in my nightstand.
humming a purr from my chest
how can satisfaction leave you so parched?

“to be idolized or recognized?”