the balanceĀ flipped on its belly
allowing past leeches to suck me dry
once more
i will not be subject
to my own self mutilation.

your an avalanche of open
keeping me strung along by some weave we’ve
not yet found the ends too
do you see the knots in my belly?
driving me ancient too soon,
i’m begging for mercy
pleading your kindness
a soft goodbye.
deep breath, lover
my cavity’s been corroded again,
you’re forgiveness slaps the back of my knees
when you tell me we’re photosynthesis
and i ask which of us is plant
and which of us assailant
“we’ve already created the impossible, is it far fetched to think we can both keep breathing?”
i don’t know, what part of this breaks my heart more.
why do some things feel like nothing
while others feel like everything?


coupled paragraphs
you’re triple letter word twilight mind
sees me differently in the light.
i’m putty in your alphabet soup
slurping soft sifts of wonder,
how do you remember daylight?
C10H8 in my diaphragm
i’m breathing meaning behind words
you’re digging into parts
i’ve never untangled.
how can you already undress in me
colors ive never dared to visit?
go ahead. broaden my spectrum.