I told you
I never claimed to be a nice person
But you – you’ve coated your mirror in velvet and see Minos looking back
i’m poplar twine, fishnet, and sandpaper
so no. I can’t trust you.



maybe you’re scared of the same thing
maybe you’ve emptied so deep
your inside out now
the sun had wilted your wet
the air has cracked your whole

the shoe has dropped and
insanity is maybe the best excuse for
or at least
on it’s last leg theres no fixation on how much
a lion would prowl

I’m here
back arched, teeth bare
can you hear it?

the kind that takes you up and lets your down
rough and slow
rope burn between your fingers
remember that next time you point a finger
its no use emptying your pockets
if your clinging to the knife in your hand