maybe you’re scared of the same thing
maybe you’ve emptied so deep
your inside out now
the sun had wilted your wet
the air has cracked your whole

the shoe has dropped and
insanity is maybe the best excuse for
or at least
on it’s last leg theres no fixation on how much
a lion would prowl

I’m here
back arched, teeth bare
can you hear it?

the kind that takes you up and lets your down
rough and slow
rope burn between your fingers
remember that next time you point a finger
its no use emptying your pockets
if your clinging to the knife in your hand

her cancer spread to my heart
his head
their skin
there was nothing in her bones less brittle
than our stability.
we clawed our way through honeymoon bee stings
ate crow for breakfast and
took palms to our fists at night
do you recognize fear?
when the beast becomes the fawn
we’re bloodied in our own guilt
there’s no washing this off.

our desires disease compassion
my knees are tired of bending.

this is the birth of snake skin



something tells me I’ve re-winded
given extra fingers
a mirror to my nervous system
someone plucked you from a memory
and re-shaped for my pleasure

i’ve never been very competitive
as long as i get what i want
move you queen
closer to my king
a barricade of not so strong walls
your hand closer to me
your breath smelling

morning afters are blissful
disappointment is not destruction of false expectations
disappointment is something you choke on after a shot of tequila
cash only hun
your bluff has been called

she wrecked me
ruffled curls mopping my untidiness
with some odd combination of sprung rigidity

there’s nothing wrong with a little deviancy
specially not when they’re as uniform and
as  your routines

lets play house and watch it all burn burn burn

i met you and i learned to howl
to pick pockets
to be carried in their waist, fed bred crumbs, fun-
size-up the opportunity and take a chance on the next hitch

i learned how to empty my life and fill it with alive
how to brunt the heat and face the cold
how to un-hunt
how to relish
how to rue pride rock
from the bottom of the food chain

if i could take it back
i would give anything
to try try try
and cut my fingers

there are craters in you
if you call
i will fill every inch of your moon.




make a topography out of me
to flip
my numbers into some muddled righteous  dyslexia
Correcting the child out of youth
scratch that innocence off your face kid
here we learn adaptation
is the finest form of courage
and survival of the fittest
isn’t just for those with claws.

look at you child
monstrous beast
you’re terror makin
mothers cry at the sight of you
pick you belly up from the table
and scratch American into your doll house

you won’t fit in
through that small window anyway
even the boys won’t play with you no more

i can’t even speak about you

you smell like whiskey and cheap vomit
i’ve neer tastend beer before
this can of worms becomes a legend dating back
to green fairies
fairly learning how to prance in a circles

train tracks
train me how
train wrecks
i’m taking it in the back seat
fish and fries
exactly what you’re thinking
i was too young
you were to rough.