stay the fuck away from my dreams



Ostentatious II

“and well, I lost it.”

I bite my tongue to not dismember yours.
Comfort and forgiveness are easier said than done
and no
It’s not okay.
Let the guilt hang from your ear like a poorly delivered shot –
you missed the mark. pathetic attempts at sensuality,
your body’s rusted with insecurity.
settle in it, little fish
before you try to play
with the big cats again

let that eere-ring weight down your inhibitions
sassafras roots and mimosa bark
been there done that.
chirp chirp pretty pet
eat off my hand and
feel it wrap around your throat.

i miss-judged your innocence for competency
and lost something valuable
greedy scavenger

i will not. be so foolish.


i’ve been caught in brambles
mistaken a war
for a battle
and laid down my sword. to soon.

i’ve destroyed, only fragments
and have left enough for shaky foundations
too much room to enter
there’s a beast that shows its teeth
King Kong barrels in rampage
Ishmael tells you about their wood
i roll with the punches
strokes and compassions
trying simply to
hold hands with myself.

my sincere condolences to the casualties of war.


im beginning to question myself
to tame the madness
with the peace prospect
to forget any shoe dropped in the first place.
I’ve been caught belly up from bellow, you scratch my surface
and ripple my spine into sensation

did you know id been crystal before now?
Jane Doe between our actions
not sure who’s taming who – maybe we’re just sloppy. slapping bodies together until our skin breaks.
this is what you wanted isn’t it?
its not hurricane
but i can feel the rain again – the sky would never fall for free.



a better bed than any of the many ive been laid on
where i sleep

your eagerness is capricious
but your hands are shaking.

slow down kid

chosen, bells and i
to taste gold and
come close enough to glory to
be edged between
greatness and no longer human.
deviants with wisdom beyond their wisdom
eyes too small too thirsty
purging our faces of what we can no longer hold.

so we settle.
it’s important

for us to stay because we

quaint combination of fingertips
laced with crow it seems
i must keep one foot off the earth
to feed wolven archetypes
im a master
off-course repetition
hoping only to humm it tame
ill imagine my insanity your reflection
somethings gotta give

Ive met the orchid man before
the one i plead with- not while i hold you
the one that won’t die
no matter how punctured
stubborn dull sword. she’s special.

even in my dreams
gratuitous acrobatics and unnecessary
back arches.

splitting at the storylines
we’re in this together somehow
regain grace in pieces of myself
do you find it this hard too?

radical acceptance

im purging out exhaustion
calling up the neighbor skin
to toughen up
the sweat cold bath feverish in recoils
4:00 a.m bloodbaths
and an unseen need to
cave into good nature

I’m breaking an entering
into my own domain
hoping to gut out the tar from my toes
recover space
and fill it with good fortune

no more war
no more war
no more war


i’m stretching beyond boundary
thinly sliced into action
i’m abundant
too there to be here. too here to be there.

Better batter.
fox calls, early morning rise
youre den’s been crashed in
turned with lemonade and bitter sugars
how long will you chase your own tail?
its not up to us to decide our capacity
beauty in the eye of the beholder, right dear?
nothing about this is beautiful
its rough and messy
far from abstract its
cringe your nose in disgust.

lets play fox and hound.

showers clean time off my skin
wants to jump out of its undoing
there’s no place like no place like no place
and you’re there
clearly a mold into the mattress
two stucco to fit elsewhere
you’ve been caged
to a twin bed and an arm that falls asleep sooner now

let me tie your wrists
free your body
lets do moon walks and fox dances
lets prance around the map like stubborn pins

we’re more trailer park Storie than Gulliver
there’s Macgyver in our bones
use them

im bitter with the cold
snapping whelp-pup

Car wash day
I’ve been keeping tabs on the filters for extra particles
dreaming of lovers lovers lovers
the kind I was to (k)hiss.
it’s been a long time since
i’m cooing hoots in space hoping for moisture to carry enough weight
to reach your brow
for your hand to grace the wet away – curiously
this is effortless.


A1 called me a fool

since then ive been called magic
succubus, healer, she-wolf, goddess-
the fox calls me a legend.
Too mystery to be true too far to be loved
we are inconsequential. an impossibility to strive for
i’ll gift you expectation
i’ll gift you one day
ill leave you with the could be
you too.

an unachievable desire
or a buffer between you
and reality
types that makes you forget you live with yourself.

let your head spin around it.

Even if they never come at me from the side
i know well of the pain
when skin pulls on metal it sustains
a grasp of ambiance. The type that makes you empty
your pockets and litter your bank account away.

i know i’m probably the nettles
that has left you r
skin bruised and calloused
like -knocking won’t do you no good
because ghosts
are never the problem
people… people
are the problem.
so i’ll paint you a shade of unruly kidney then,
i’ll be some